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THE UTAH COURT OF APPEALS 450 South State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 ) MAHLON PECK & FAMILY, INC., ) ) Plaintiff and Appellant, ) ) v. ) ) LLOYD R. BROOKS, et. al., ) ) Defendants and Appellees. ) ) ) ) 10. Deposition of Carl J. Mellor (without exhibits). 11. Deposition of I. Mahlon Peck (without exhibits). 12. Appraisal Report by Kent J. Carpenter. 13. Appraisal Report of Don Gurney, SRA. MAR 2 0 1998 COURT OF APPEALS 4ENT ADDENDUM TO APPELLANT'S BRIEF - SECTION TWO Appellate Ct No. 970588-CA


Original Brief Submitted to the Utah Court of Appeals; digitized by the Howard W. Hunter Law Library, J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah; machine-generated OCR, may contain errors.
Gordon W. Duval; Shawn M. Guzman; Duval Hansen Witt & Morley; Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Robert C. Keller; Snow, Christensen & Martineau; Attorneys for Defendant.


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