Jennifer Chapman, by and through her guardian, Teresa Chapman, Robert Chapman and Teresa Chpman, individually v. Primary Children's Hospital, a hospital organized to do business in the State of Utah, et al. : Unknown

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Pursuant to Rule 24 (j) of the Rules of the Supreme Court, respondents Veasy, Bowman and the hospital entities hereby advise the Court of a decision which has recently come to counsels' attention. The argument beginning on page 22 of the Respondents1 Brief, "IV. Section 78-14-4 is a Constitutionally Permissible Enactment", should be supplemented with the following citation: Douglas v. Hugh A. Stallings, M.D., Inc., 87 0 F.2d 1242 (7th Cir. 1989) (limits imposed on a brain damaged minor by the malpractice statute of limitations are rationally related to the goals of preventing stale claims and controlling the cost of medical care; the state need not provide a tolling provision for minority and mental incompetents or a discovery rule in order to comply with due process guarantees).


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Kirton, McConkie, and Poelman.


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