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Subsequent to Oral Argument yesterday I became aware of a record citation error in our brief which I felt should be brought to the Court's attention. Near the bottom of page 2 of our brieff we state that the Order of the lower court staying its Order revoking Mr. Perank's probation was signed on October 21, 1986. That order was actually signed on December 8f 1986. In addition, the District Court Clerk in Duchesne neglected to send that Order along with the other materials in the Supplemental Record. It is my understanding that such Order was filed with the Supreme Court last Friday, October 7thf as an Amended Supplemental Record and should now be lodged with the Court. One additional item. In Oral Argument, the Court expressed some concern as to the absence of the United States in these proceedings. If it would be helpful to the Court, the briefs of the United States as amicus curiae in the federal court case (Ute Indian Tribe v. State of Utah) have been lodged with the Court in Volume 19 of the Record.


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Kirk C. Bennett; Bennett and Judd; Attorneys for Appellant.
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