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SIDNEY SEFTEL, THERESA SEFTEL, and MICHAEL LANDES, Plaintiffs and Appellants, vs. CAPITAL CITY BANK, a Utah corporation, Defendant and Respondent. CAPITAL CITY BANK, a Utah corporation, Counterclaimant, vs. SIDNEY SEFTEL, THERESA SEFTEL, MICHAEL LANDES, UTAH STATE TAX COMMISSION, CROSSROADS PLAZA ASSOCIATES, a Utah joint venture and general partnership, YOUNG ELECTRIC SIGN COMPANY, a Utah Corporation, and OLYMPUS HILLS SHOPPING CENTER, LTD., a Utah limited partnership Counterclaim Defendants.

Supreme Court No, 890067


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Steven T. Waterman; Watkiss & Campbell.
Daniel W. Jackson; David M. Connors; LeBoeuf, Lamb, Leiby & McRae.


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