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Dear Clerk: On behalf of defendants-appellees Greater Park City Co. and Alpine Meadows of Tahoe, Inc., I am writing pursuant to Rule 24(j), Utah Rules of Appellate Procedure to advise the Court of certain supplemental authorities. In footnote 11 on pages 15-16 of the Reply Brief of Appellant United Park City Mines Co., a case is cited for the proposition that alleged concealment by a defendant tolls the statute of limitations as to all defendants. I would like to cite the following supplemental authorities for the proposition that the statute of limitations is tolled only as to the defendants alleged to have concealed: Griffin v. McNiff, 744 F.Supp. 1237 (S.D.N.Y. 1990) at 1256, n. 20, and the other cases cited in n. 20. As per Rule 24(j) enclosed are 9 copies of this letter. Since this case is set for argument next Tuesday,


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Gordon Strachan; Strachan & Strachan; James A. Boevers; Prince, Yeates & Geldzahler; Attorneys for Defendants-Appellees; Richard D. Burbidge; Stephen B. Mitchell; Howard L. Edwards; Randy L. Dryer; Donald N. Dirks.
David K. Watkiss; David B. Watkiss; Perrin R. Love; Carolyn Cox; Richard W. Giauque; Gary F. Bendinger; Wendy A. Faber; Merlin O. Baker; Jonathan A. Dibble; Michael F. Jones.


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