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Additional authorities in behalf of Respondents as further authority for POINT I Since the filing of respondents Brief the First District Appellant Court of Illinois has rendered a decision further interpreting the case of Montgomery v. Michaels, 54 111. 2d 5S2, 301 N. E. 2d 465, which case was cited by the appellant as authority. The recent decision is entitled Helen H. Elliott v. Olympia Alexson. (This decision was rendered late in December, 1975, and is not reported, but it was a decision of the First District Appellant Court of Illinois, Appellant No. 61448.)


Original Brief Submitted to the Utah Supreme Court; digitized by the Howard W. Hunter Law Library, J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah; machine-generated OCR, may contain errors.
Gary A. Frank; Nelson, Harding, Richards, Leonard and Tate; Attorney for Appellant.
Heber Grant Ivins; Attorney for Respondents.


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