JAU-FEI CHEN, individually and as the natural guardian of CHI WEI ZHANG, E. LEI ZHANG, and E. E. ZHANG, her minor children, Plaintiffs/Appellees, vs. JAU-HWA STEWART, E. EXCEL INTERNATIONAL, INC., a Utah corporation, and Does I through X, Defendants/Appellant. E. EXCEL INTERNATIONAL, INC., a Utah corporation, Third-Party Plaintiff. vs. TAIG STEWART; BEVERLY WARNER; ANGELA BARCLAY; DALE STEWART; HWAN LAN CHEN, et al. Third Party Defendants/Cross Appellants : Brief of Appellant

Utah Supreme Court

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Micheal Carlston; Richard VanWaggoner; David L. Pinkston; Snow Christensen & Martineau; James S. Lowrie; Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough; Attorneys for Appellees.
Mark A Larsen; David Hill; Jon Stewart; Stacy McNeill; Larsen & Gruber; Attorneys for Appellants.


Interlocutory Appeal from the Fourth Judicial District Court of Utah County, State of Utah The Honorable Fred D. Howard, District Judge