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Robert A. Davis
Managing Editor
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Christopher Dean Greenwood
Todd Gwilliam
Production Editor
Jonathan K. Driggs
Solicitations Editor
Jeffery A. Orr
Director, Law in Public Education Program
Derek D. Rapier
Mark R. Atchley
Keith Marcus Backman
Steve Baldridge
Michael Graham Barker
Timothy Andrew Bodily
Andrew Jeb Bolton
Scott A. Broadhead
Karl Reed Cannon
Andrew Martin Cox
Mark Egan
Holly Jean Foster
Ned S. Fuller
Stewart A. Gollmer
Steven Paul Haight
Kevin B. Laurence
Jearlene Leishman
Margaret Prim Lindsay
Paul K. Madsen
Michael Thomas Moss
Karl Leroy Nielson
Russell Keith Smith
Samuel Perry Swanberg
David G. Turcotte
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F. Del Wasden
Frederick M. Gedicks