The Disintegration of Families and Children's Right to Their Parents


Family, Disintegration, Children, Parents, Right to Parents

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The time children live in today can be compared to “the worst of times” and the “best of times”. Children are allotted more opportunities educationally, financially and medically. However, they also face the worst of times in regards to the family. This paper will examine the disintegration of the family throughout the first dozen years of the twenty first century. It will then link that disintegration of the family, the separation of parents and children to their parents, to negative consequences in society in general but more importantly to the children.

We will then focus on the right that children have to maintain or develop a relationship with both their parents. This analysis will include the growing trend of intentional single parenting. Does the law provide children with any significant right to have a relationship with their parents? Should the law provide such protections?


10 Ave Maria L. Rev.

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Ave Maria Law Review

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