BYU Law Review


Summary of Contents

I. Introduction: The Nature of the Research

II. Group I : The Nugent u. Clark Studies

A. Background

1. Selecting the stimulus trial

2. Editing the transcript

3. Preparing the trial

a. Casting

b. Equipment

B. Nugent u. Clark Study

1 : live v. videotape trials 1. Questions examined

2. Procedures

a. The live presentation

b. The videotape presentation

c. The questionnaire

3. Results and discussion

a. Negligence verdicts and mean awards

b. Juror perception of attorney credibility

c. Juror information retention

d. Juror interest and motivation

4. Conclusions from Study 1

C. Nugent u. Clark Study 2: split-screen v. full-screen videotape presentations

1. Questions examined

2. Procedures


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