BYU Law Review

Volume 2020 (2020), Issue 1


The BYU Law Review Editorial Board has adopted a new volume numbering system beginning with the issue following 2020 number 2. Volumes 1975 through 2020 will retain year designations, but starting in 2021 with the new Volume 46, volumes will be numbered by editorial board and cycle rather than by calendar year.

The new numbering does not affect the total number of issues the journal will release per year and instead merely shifts numbering to accurately reflect which editorial board selected and edited the pieces in each issue.



BYU Law Review
Editorial Board


Scott Maughan
Managing Editor of Administration
Taylor J. Smith
Executive Editors
Stephen Arroyo
Jacob Black
Brad Stewart
Jackson Walker
Managing Editor of Publication
Alexandra Poulson
Managing Editor of Technology
Paul D. Fife
Symposium Articles Editor
Austin Atkinson
Lead Articles Editors
MaKade Claypool
Sydney Corry
Annemarie Garret
Tyler Kively
Taylor M. Smith
Lead Note & Comment Editors
Emma Balls
Jarom Harrison
Kevin Moscon
Mary Mull
Ashley Waddoups
Senior Editors
Stephanie Aldous
Simone Aldredge
Chase Beckstead
Matthew Havili
Brooke McLain
Charles Sherril
Craig Westergard
Associate Editors
Avery A. Benesch
D. Michelle Beus
Benjamin Forsgren
John Geilman
Rahgan Jensen
Rachel Jones
Jared Keetch
Griffith Kimball
Brianne Kingery
Hannah Leavitt-Howell
Garrett Meisman
Will Morrison
Andrew Navarro
Alyssa Nielsen
McKenna Rammell
Jaimee Rasmussen
Kody Richardson
Clint Saylor
Tanner Schenewark
Dominic Shaw
Miranda Cherkas Sherrill
Daniel Sorenson
Grace Stephenson Nielsen
Melissa Jo Townsend
Vivian Tse
Brittany Urness
Michael Vail
Jessica Volmar
McKinney Voss
Emily Walter