BYU Law Review

Volume 46 (2021), Issue 5

Human Dignity And Human Rights—Christian Perspectives And Practices: A Focus On Constitutional And International Law


Beginning in 2021, the BYU Law Review Editorial Board has adopted a new volume numbering system. Volumes 1975 through 2020 will retain year designations, but starting in 2021 with the new Volume 46, volumes will be numbered by editorial board and cycle rather than by calendar year.

The new numbering does not affect the total number of issues the journal will release per year and instead merely shifts numbering to accurately reflect which editorial board selected and edited the pieces in each issue.


Symposium Articles


Christianity, Human Rights, and Dignity: Squaring the Triangle
Brett Scharffs, Andrea Pin, and Dmytro Vovk


Catholicism, Liberalism, and Populism
Andrea Pin and Luca P. Vanoni

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