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History of Mormon Lawyers, Winter Semester, 2013

Short biographies of 15 of Utah’s first women lawyers: Cora Georgiana Snow Carleton [1844-1915], Phoebe Wilson Couzins [1839-1913], Rebecca Garelick [1903-1995], Reva Zilpha Beck Bosone [1895-1983], Dorathy Seeley Merrill Brothers [1909-1985], Donna Vivienne Seare Adams [1910-1962], Virginia Frances Seare [1909-1986], Mary Alice Meagher Arentz [1910-1998], Katherine C. Meagher Ivers [1911-1963], Dorothea Merrill Dryer [1915-1990], Mary John Condas Lehmer [1919-1987], Mildred [Mimi] Bird Mortensen [1926- ], Jacque Benson Bell [ca. 1927- ], Mary Jane Carter Due [1922-1991], and Irene Warr [1931-2013].