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History of Mormon Lawyers, Fall Semester, 1978

Biography of a Provo, Utah couple who both studied and practiced law. Hyrum Smith Harris (1860-1937, University of Michigan LLB 1894) and his wife, Lexia Amina Curtis Harris (1865-1952) passed the Utah bar in 1894. Hyrum also studied law in Mexico City for six years, after which he helped the Mormon Colonies in northern Mexico, and then returned to Utah.

Appendices include stories of Hyrum’s father in Nauvoo, Illinois (1840s), and photocopies of Hyrum’s Northwestern States Mission release (1887), Karl G. Maeser letter of recommendation to attend law school (1892), Hyrum’s hiring by the LDS Church to work in Mexico (1895), Articles of Incorporation for the Juarez Manufacturing and Power Company (1900) [in Spanish], and the first pages of a deed for property in Colombia (1900).