State of Utah v. Tyi McKinlay : Reply Brief

Utah Court of Appeals

Original Brief Submitted to the Utah Court of Appeals; digitized by the Howard W. Hunter Law Library, J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah; machine-generated OCR, may contain errors.
Edward R. Montgomery; Robert C. Miner; Attorneys fr Appellant.
Kris Leonard; Attorneys for Appellee.


Appeal from Order Revoking Probation, Order Lifting Stay of Execution of Sentence and, Commitment From The Fifth Judicial District Court, Iron County, State of I Utah, The Honorable Michael Westfall, Presiding, Appellant is currently incarcerated in the Utah State Prison in connection with this case. Kohert C. Miner Attorneys for Appellant Rasmussen & Miner 42 Exchange Plance Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 Kris Leonard Assistant Attorney Gen* Attorney for Appellee 160 East 300 South, Sixth Floor Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 BLED UTAH APPELLATE COURTS MAY 1 6 2007