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Supreme Court No. 20050806 - SC Edwin C. Barnes, Esq. (No. 217) Attorney for Defendant/Appellee Clyde Snow Sessions & Swenson 201 South Main Street, Suite 1300 Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 - 2216 FILED UTAH APPELLATE COURTS MAR 0 6 2Q0B Boyd Kimball Dyer, Esq. (No. 944) Attorney for Plaintiff/Appellant 664 Northcliffe Circle Salt Lake City, Utah 84103


Original Brief Submitted to the Utah Supreme Court; digitized by the Howard W. Hunter Law Library, J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah; machine-generated OCR, may contain errors.
Boyd Kimball Dyer; Attorney for Plaintiff.
Edwin C. Barnes; Clyde Snow Sessions and Swenson; Attorney for Defendant.


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